Frequently, foreign workers injured in North Carolina return to their home country. The Bricio Law Firm is able to maintain effective representation of these clients including the important communication that has to occur with their physicians, pharmacists, and other healthcare providers in their own country. Furthermore, effectively pursuing these claims occasionally requires obtaining testimony or other evidence located in Latin America. The Bricio Law Firm is able to handle this litigation no matter where it takes us.

In addition to representing Spanish-speaking clients, The Bricio Law Firm provides mediation and trust services in claims handled by other attorneys across North Carolina. As mediator, Frank Bricio has helped parties reach resolution of their claims through his linguistic and cultural understanding of the claimants’ backgrounds. As trustee, the firm can facilitate the administration of funds for beneficiaries located in Mexico or another foreign country.

​The Bricio Law Firm also represents Spanish-speaking clients in other types of personal injury claims. If we can be of service to you or your clients, please contact us.


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Frank Bricio has been handling workers’ compensation claims before the North Carolina Industrial Commission since 1998. The Bricio Law Firm has a particular focus on helping Spanish-speaking workers who have been injured in North Carolina. Those workers perform some of our state’s most dangerous jobs and frequently suffer serious injuries that impact their lives in many ways. They deserve an attorney who can communicate with them and their families with understanding and respect. Frank Bricio was born in Mexico and is a native Spanish speaker.


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