The Bricio Law Firm can help you get answers.  If you or your family member has been injured, gaining an understanding of how the injury happened allows you to make a better decision about whether to take legal action.

The Bricio Law firm handles medical malpractice cases all over North Carolina.  If you suspect an injury occurred due to the negligence of a healthcare provider or hospital, please contact us.  You may email Katie Bricio directly and confidentially at

Direct Line: (919) 280-4726

Katie Bricio has been handling medical malpractice cases in North Carolina since 2000. While she has a particular focus on helping families with a child who sustained an injury at or around the time of birth, she handles medical negligence cases that arise in any setting. 

Many patients who have been injured following an encounter with a healthcare provider merely want to know what happened.  Patients who ask questions are frequently subjected to a "conspiracy of silence."  Their own health care becomes a mystery as providers refuse to explain medical mistakes.  


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